Palazzo Alabardieri is the best choice for haute couture shopping: the most famous and prestigious boutiques and tailors' shops are all in piazza dei Martiri, via Calabritto, via dei Mille and via Filangieri.

opening hours:

Monday to Saturday

AM 10.00 - 13.30
PM 16.30 - 20.00

Women's clothing

Exclusive collections, from runways to the shop windows of via Calabritto e via Filangieri, next to Palazzo Alabardieri.

50 mt
Armani piazza dei Martiri, 61
Salvatore Ferragamo Piazza dei Martiri, 56/60
200 mt
Hogan via Filangieri, 29
400 mt
Maxi Ho via Nisco, 24
Mirman via Chiaia, 9
Roccobarocco via Poerio, 12

Men/Women's accessories

It only takes a short walk to discover the best of Italian and international accessories.

100 mt
Diesel piazza Rodinò, 18
Louis Vuitton via dei Mille, 2
Mario Valentino via Calabritto, 9/10
Gucci via Calabritto, 4
Prada via Calabritto, 7
Fendi via Filangieri 24/25
Furla via Filangieri, 26
Ottica Pedone via Filangieri, 74
Capri People via Alabardieri, 16 Displays its product in a permanent window inside the hotel
200 mt
Tramontano via Chiaia, 193
Mont Blanc via Filangieri, 36
300 mt
Marinella (Cravatte) via Riviera di Chiaia, 287

Men's clothing

Famous Neapolitan tailors and brands for men's classic wear.

100 mt
Borrelli (tailor-made shirts) via Filangieri, 68
200 mt
Merolla & De l'ero (tailor-made shirts) via Filangieri, 68
Eddy Monetti piazza S. Caterina a Chiaia, 7/8/9
Marino Santacaterina via S. Caterina a Chiaia, 73
Milord Abbigliamento via Cavallerizza, 53
500 mt
Maxi Ho via Nisco, 24
galleria Umberto I, 51
Barbaro Uomo Galleria Umberto I, 1
M. Cilento e fratello via Medina , 61/A/B Displays its product in a permanent window inside the hotel

Gold, silver, coral and special jewellery

Some suggestions to help you find precious and unusual accessories.

100 mt
Monetti via dei Mille, 12
Bulgari via Filangieri, 41
Mantovano piazza Martiri, 58
200 mt
Ileana della Corte via Calabritto, 16 bis
Cartier via Calabritto, 8


A different idea to discover unique objects and a different side of the city.

1,4 Km
Antiques market

Villa Comunale

The antiques market is held on the 3rd and 4th Saturdays and Sundays of every month. It is becoming more and more popular, as there you can find anything from stamps to 19th century wardrobes.

For further information:
+30 81 7612541.


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